PAS Updates

Jules Bergmann jules at
Thu Oct 5 06:32:14 UTC 2006

This patch fixes several issues in the 1.2 release when using PAS:

  - Fix configure to work without a pkg-config file for PAS
    (tested for both Linux cluster PAS and MCOE PAS),

  - Fix to install PAS headers,

  - copy benchmark attempted to measure MPI parallel assign,
    even when configured for PAS,

It also:

  - adds an early-binding PAS parallel assignment.

  - dispatches SIMD greater-than routine for less-than expressions.

  - adds heuristic to configure to determine correct LIBEXT
    for Mercury systems.

  - Fixes benchmarks attempting to copy communicators by value.

  - provides a function (library_config) that returns important ifdefs
    used to build library.

  - Makes portions of fft_be test conditional to reduce the compilation

				-- Jules

Jules Bergmann
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