[vsipl++] Re: [vsipl++-csl] [patch] Vector assignment, sarsim bits

Stefan Seefeld stefan at codesourcery.com
Mon Sep 26 18:08:55 UTC 2005

Mark Mitchell wrote:

> A conforming compiler is required to promote to int.  See [expr]/9:
> "Otherwise, the integral promotions shall be performed on both
> operands".  There's nothing special about "^"; the usual arithmetic
> conversions are applied to all operands of arithmetic binary operators,
> like +, -, *, etc., and, as a result, the type of such expressions is
> always at least as wide as "int".

Considering this logic, I'm wondering why the VSIPL++ specs require
two distinct versions of operator^, one doing a binary and the other
a logical xor, depending on the operands having type bool or not.
Isn't that inconsistent with the above ?


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