patch: Upgrade DocumentTemplate package for python 2.5 compatibility.

Stefan Seefeld stefan at
Sat Feb 10 00:47:06 UTC 2007

The attached patch attempts to partially replace the (very old) version of
the DocumentTemplate package once imported from Zope by a never version,
in an attempt to make QMTest compatible with python 2.5.

This version mainly replaces all uses of the 'regex' module by 're' (which,
unfortunately is not trivial due to some subtle differences between the two,
but it also contains some other small changes (e.g. replaces deprecated
calls such as atoi() by int()).

When using python 2.5, a warning about the (now deprecated) 'with' token
is issued (as that apparently will become a keyword in 2.6), so I'm looking
into replacing that, or merging more changes from a current Zope version
in, depending on which is easier.


Stefan Seefeld
stefan at
(650) 331-3385 x718
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