[pooma-dev] particle-particle interact layout

James Crotinger jcrotinger at proximation.com
Mon Jul 7 15:22:11 UTC 2003

I don't believe Pooma 2 was ever intended to have particle-particle
interactions (if that's what you mean). R1 had some molecular dynamics (MD)
type particle features (interaction radius, nearest neighbors, etc.) that
nobody at Los Alamos used and that were largely in there due to the fact
that one of the particle implementers had an MD background. Because of the
complexity and the fact that the R1 feature was unused, I believe R2 left it
out. Further, the Blanca folks, who funded the externally developed 2.4
work, did not require particle support for their 2.4 project, which is why
the head of CVS probably has broken particle-field interactions. If this is
broken, it seems like it should be fairly high on the "to-fix" list. 


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does anybody have a working particle-particle interact layout? has anoyone 
tried it?

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