[cxx-abi-dev] Mangling issue

Daveed Vandevoorde daveed at edg.com
Wed Mar 27 20:39:58 UTC 2002

Mark Mitchell wrote:
> I have been presented with a corner case for which I do not believe
> we have specified a mangling.
> Consider:
>   template <unsigned int> struct helper {};
>   template <class T>
>   void check( helper<sizeof(new T)> * );

Ah yes... this is currently a popular Usenet C++ topic.

> The interesting point here is the "new T", which could, of course,
> in general be "new(0) T(3)", or some such.  Our expression mangling
> scheme does not say what to do here in the sense that it assumes
> that each operator has fixed arity.  However, due to the existence
> of placement new, new does not.  This also raises the issue of things
> like:
>   helper<sizeof(f(T(0)))>
> and so forth; there's apparently so restriction on the standard in
> having arbitrarily complex gnnk inside the "sizeof".
> Thoughts?

Perhaps these should really be mangled with the "cl" operator:

	X cl <function-name> <expr>* E

where <function-name> could be a mangled operator new if necessary?


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